Who Saved Who?

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My mom's purpose, Beaubien

My mom’s purpose, Beaubien

The question “Who saved who?” often conveys owners’ affection toward their pet. ┬áPet ownership develops companionship, motivates a daily routine and establishes a sense of purpose.

I know having a dog greatly improved my mother’s happiness. My mom suffered a stroke nearly ten years ago; she was only in her forties. My mother was an incredibly vibrant, articulate, witty woman. She was an English and Drama teacher and absolutely loved her career. After her stroke, the very essence of her was gone. She struggled to find he words and would often get so frustrated she’d give up. I insisted my mom and dad get a dog. I thought it would help keep her company and give her someone to talk to while everyone was at work. Finally, my father caved and we picked out Beaubien, or Beau for short. He is a goofy 80-pound golden doodle who is afraid of water and the stairs. Beau still thinks he is a lap dog and will readily jump onto your lap at a moments notice.

This kooky dog is my mother’s shadow. My mom has always been a night owl, easily staying up until 4am. Therefore, she sleeps until nearly noon. And, you better believe that Beau is right by her side sleeping until she rises to let him out. Though Beaubien has adhered to my mom’s sleep pattern, Beau has also made it necessary for her to have a daily routine. There used to be times she wouldn’t get out of bed, because to her, she had little to no purpose. Beau is her purpose.

Not only has Beau given meaning to her daily routine, they’ve developed true companionship. My mom will carry on full length conversations with Beaubien, chuckling to herself from time to time when she hits her witty streak again. Sometimes she impresses herself when she remembers an obscure word that used to be part of her regular word arsenal. Seeing the prideful grin cross her face is priceless. Beau is more than just a pet he is her best friend; he is the animal that revived my mom’s vibrant personality. I do often wonder, “who saved who?”

I am sure there are many similar stories, we would love for you to share them with us. And, if you’re interested in helping your homebound parent find their purpose again. Please visit your local Humane Society. You can gain more information by clicking here.


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