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Asain Man

Older relatives, be it an uncle, aunt, or grandparents, possess the unique ability to change a bleak, negative outlook or situation into a positive one with the power of  advice,  a story, or even a joke.

There are a source of inspiration and motivation for almost everyone lucky enough to share a moment with them. They should be consulted and their advice should be sought after whenever the going gets tough. Simply because they have gone through whatever we’re going through countless times.

This article includes my personal recollection of the best advice I ever received from an older relative. It goes as follows.

It was a sunny day, when my parents decided that a trip to our paternal grandmother was long overdue. It had been almost 10 years since I last saw her and could barely remember what she looked like. Needless to say, I was looking forward to it and my heart never felt lighter.

We set out on the 200 kilometer journey which was boring but increased by anticipation and excitement for meeting my beloved grandmother. I knew she would have some words of wisdom for me. After all, I’d heard countless stories about her powerful intellect and mountain-like willpower.

Our destination arrived after an uneventful road trip and we made our way into a small but largely comforting house which my grandmother resided in. I can never forget the look on her face when she met me after all this time.

Stories of my childhood mischiefs followed into the night and brought both smiles and tears into the eyes of listeners. After munching down some local food, it was our time to bid farewell.

Before leaving, I asked my grandmother a question I had prepared beforehand. “Give me the best advice ever grandmother”, I asked. “Don’t die wondering” was her reply. It was such a small statement that held such powerful meaning.

She farther elaborated, the gist of which I’ll describe in this article. She said to me that live your life to the fullest. This may sound clichéd but is possibly the best advice one can ever get.

Countless people breathe their last breath with a pile of regrets and the eternal question “What If?” She further said that there will indeed by countless setbacks, but it would be foolish to dwell on them.

A setback should never be considered a failure or a bad experience but rather something one can learn from and proceed further. There is simply no benefit to be gained by crying over spilt milk.

In conclusion, the bottom line of this story/advice is that to have an approach that is optimistic and fearless. With the fear of failing and constant wondering, one can never live the life they intend and potentially deserve to live.

One should live an extravagant life without worrying of the obstacles and hurdles that come with it. Yes you have to be careful and considerate of your surroundings and people, but that should not stop you from living without regrets.

Written by: Gurnoor M.

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